A Great Start!

Last fall, when I made the decision to begin exploring a run for State Representative in District 28, I was optimistic but never imagined the tremendous response we have received. It is truly inspiring and I cannot thank all of you enough for your support, your generosity, and your encouragement throughout the process.

The momentum began right away, when I received enthusiastic support and encouragement during the period in which I was exploring a run. It continued through the winter and early spring, particularly as I began walking door-to-door in early April. Nearly every door was positive, many committing to take yard signs in June.

The message I received was clear - the people of south Leawood and Overland Park want new leadership who will rise above the rhetoric and get the job done.

Our campaign is starting strong!

Our campaign is starting strong!


Kellie Warren Raises Over $25,000 On First Report

Leawood, KS - Kellie Warren, Republican candidate for State Representative in District 28, has raised over $25,000 on her first campaign finance report, less than four months after beginning her campaign.  With over $23,000 cash-on-hand, she has more money available for her campaign than her incumbent opponent.