A Note from Kellie: Disturbing Tactics


Hello Friends,

I am incredibly excited to be campaigning to be your next State Representative for District 28. I am humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response I have received while meeting voters at their doors and listening to their ideas. I look forward to making a real change in both Kansas policies and, more importantly, the future for our children.

I believe that some things do not belong in politics. With this in mind, I feel I must alert voters to a troubling pattern of behavior by my opponent’s supporters. As a new candidate, perhaps I am naïve about the rougher parts of the political process, but I would like to think that my opponent does not approve of these tactics.

We issued a press release today detailing the most recent behavior, but I wanted to provide you with more details and let the voters judge.

In the early afternoon on Saturday, while I was campaigning in a nearby neighborhood, my teenage daughter and her friends noticed a van driving slowly by our house, occupied by a stranger who appeared to be taking pictures of them, our home, or both. After doing this, the stranger driving the van parked it outside our home. The van had a large campaign magnet on it for “Joy,” my opponent, and a sticker for Stand Up Blue Valley.

Shortly after this began, my husband returned home to find my daughter understandably upset. She described the incident and pointed out the van and the stranger behind the wheel.

My husband did not recognize the van or the driver.  When the van did not leave, he took some photos of the driver in the hope that someone else might be able to identify her.  The driver waved nervously, then did a u-turn, and parked her van in front of our neighbor’s home two houses further up the street, still facing our house.

Later, we learned that another stranger stopped in the middle of the road in front of our house, got out of his car, and photographed the license plate of at least one car parked outside our house – one belonging to a campaign volunteer, the others belonging to my daughter’s teenage friends.

When I looked at the photos, I immediately recognized the driver of the van as Patty Logan, the Founder and President of Stand Up Blue Valley. We still do not know the identity of the stranger who photographed the license plate and car.

These tactics are designed to invade our family’s privacy, to intimidate my children, and harass my family. As any candidate would, I will discuss issues facing our state that are relevant to this election.  But as a parent, I will not allow my children to be targeted, frightened, or harassed by adults in pursuit of their own political objectives.

I am saddened and disappointed by Saturday’s incident, but it represents only part of a troubling pattern of incidents instigated by my opponent’s supporters. I hope that my opponent would not support such behavior.  In the press release, I called upon her to publicly denounce these tactics.

That said, I will not be intimidated into not participating in this election, because I plan to improve the future for our children and all Kansans. I will continue to rise above the rhetoric and continue meeting more of District 28 and earning your support in the days and weeks ahead.  I look forward to it!

- Kellie