Kellie Warren Calls Upon Opponent to Denounce Intimidation Tactics

Leawood, KS - Kellie Warren, Republican candidate for State Representative District 28, urges her opponent, Joy Koesten, to denounce Koesten’s supporters for using intimidation tactics.  In a statement, Warren described the disturbing events of Saturday, May 19th:

“In the early afternoon on Saturday, while I was campaigning in a nearby neighborhood, my teenage daughter and her friends noticed a van driving slowly by our house then parking outside our home.  The van was occupied by a stranger who appeared to be taking pictures of them, our home, or both.  The van had a large campaign magnet on it for “Joy,” my opponent, and a sticker for Stand Up Blue Valley.  From a photo, I was later able to identify the driver as Patty Logan, Founder and President of Stand Up Blue Valley.

Later, we learned that a different stranger stopped outside our house, exited his vehicle, and was taking pictures of the license plates on a least one car parked outside my home that day - one of which belonged to a campaign volunteer, the others belonging to my daughter’s teenage friends.

These kind of political intimidation tactics are wholly inappropriate."

Warren urges Koesten to rein in her supporters:

"I hope that my opponent does not approve of this sort of inappropriate, troublesome behavior. I call upon her now to publicly ask her supporters to refrain from engaging in this sort of behavior. It is disturbing, borders on harassment, and is wrong. As any candidate would, I will talk about the issues. And as any mother would, I will not have my children be frightened by the inappropriate tactics of my opponent’s supporters."